The easiest way to manage
your photos on iPhone ever

Automatic event creation
We intelligently organize your photos and videos into events with our proprietary algrorithm. No need to create album anymore.
Beautiful multi-layer timeline
Your events and photos are beautifully displayed on a multi-layer timeline. You can easily remember which days that your events took place or when your photos were taken.
Happy event tagging
One tap on your event and you can tag it easily with our StickerBoard™. And in the meantime the event title is added for you automatically.
Location is important
With our Foursquare integration, you can add specific venue to the event just like check-in. Remembering the place has never been easier.

*Need location data from photos
Filter your events
Want to see the pictures you took with your family only? Now you can do that easliy by filtering the events. You are about to experience the best way of recollecting your memories.

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